These Are Interesting Historical Cricket Facts

This article will present some of the most interesting historical cricket facts that you probably did not know. Some you may knew, but the majority these are still unknown to many people, even to some cricket players.

The historical secrets

  • The one source stated that the game originated form the shepherds who invented this game as a way to kill some time while they were guarding their sheep herds.
  • Before the Internet era and easy-to-access data, a lot of cricket players believed they were the best players in the world, while that title was actually reserved for the player from Sri Lanka under the name Murali Muralitharan.
  • The longest match that lasted was between South Africa and England. The match lasted 14 days.
  • The first game that was ever recorded was in 1646, when the priests used to write fines to people who missed the Church due to the playing.

There are many more historical facts but these are among the most interesting ones and for the sake of paper, we cut down the list on the few interesting ones. Our club offers the extended list that you can see in the club’s offices.

Other interesting facts

  • The bat for this game is made out of willow wood and it weighs around 2.5 pounds
  • Although they look like they are made out of one part, the bats have three parts: the nadle, grip and blade.
  • Each new cricket bat is soaked and rubbed with the lineseed oil to make it shrink, which causes the hitting surface stronger
  • A cricket ball has a weight of 5 ½ ounces.

Other interesting facts

  • Cricket was the first form of sport that was played in the USA, even way before the baseball
  • John Traicos was the only cricket player who was born in one country and played for the two countries. He was born in Egypt and played for Zimbabwe and South Africa
  • The oldest player that had ever played was Wilfred Rhodes who played his last match for England when he was 52 years old.