The Fading Interest On One Day Internationals

600x300xPak-vs-NZ2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tlzfjVkQuSA new study has revealed the reason behind the dwindling enthusiasm among the cricket fans for the ODI matches. It is said that the fans look for interesting performances from both sides, which keeps them occupied till the final moment. They do not want their team to give thrashing performances, and it is said that they prefer equal performances from both the teams.

It is also said that the fans do not want absolute victory over the match and that they prefer the match be dramatic with uncertain outcomes. It doesn’t matter of their team wins or not; they just want the match to be interesting. This outcome was based on the analysis of data worth 35 years. There is also a concern expressed about the structure of the World Cup matches and the inequality that is seen in the sports.

There only 10 teams that are going to be a part of the world cup matches. In 2011 it was 14 teams, and it has come down to 10. Experts say that the fans want to see two similarly qualified nations perform equally and that both the teams must provide a tough contest. The fans expect the team to win after a struggle; they don’t like only one team to perform gloriously while the other team underperforms.

The fans do not want a predictable match, say the experts. They also examined variables like team strength, attendances and spectator wages to understand the trends that are seen in overseas matches. Experts also say that, when people start getting larger income, they start to move on to expensive games. To keep the interest in cricket, it is said that adding cricket to Olympics is one of the currently discussed solutions. Recently, ICC announced that there would no longer be permanent seats for England, India and Australia, the big three of the cricket.

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