Do You Want To A Better Cricket Player? Have In Mind These Tips

Cricket is the traditional sport that is played all around the world and everyone these days are thinking of becoming a player. So, what is the catch with this sport? Is it that hard? So complex? Well, the answer is yes and no. Like in any sport, to be a good player and achieve the outstanding results, you must work on yourself. This does not encompass only going to the gym for a workout, but rather learning some useful pieces of advice and tricks. So, pay attention to these as we already assume you are in the good physical shape!

Tip number 1 – Focus on the ball

Yes, a lot of people simply lose the focus by looking at the player or something else. In order to improve your focus, you need to come up with the strategy of visualization. Imagine your project the laser beam from your eyes and the beam is exactly on the ball. Now, forget about the ball, but rather visualize the beam that is projected onto the ball. This way your eyes will stay on the ball no matter what you do.

Tips number 2 – Forget about the fielders

The worst thing you can do is to focus on the fielders. Again, an inexperienced player will try to look around to see all the things around him, while the catch is to focus on a single thing (remember the ball from the previous heading). Now, just watch out for the field so you could search for enough room where you can score. Though this can a bit harder in the beginning, this is a tip that you must include in your playing, otherwise, you will not achieve anything. Simply identify the “blind spots” and try to score.

Tip number 3 – Stay in form

A lot of people just lose the shape as they do not care about being bit at the top. Like in any sport, the constant practice is a must, and as long as you keep working on yourself, there is no place for becoming a bad player. The key thing is practice. Try out the strokes until you become perfect as that is the only way to stay in the form. Also, stay positive as much as possible. Even if you hits are not that perfect, you must stay positive as your thoughts are shaping your play. Once you become nervous, the game will suffer and you will not be a good player.

Learn to use your energy

Never rush, as this is the worst thing in all sports, especially in cricket. Take a small pause between balls and breathe deeply before you continue and focus on the further game. Restart your focus if you are “lost” and so your mind could be present, not the absent. This is crucial for cricket game as you can easily lose your focus, and once you do, the chances for a good game are pretty low.