Do You Need to Be Fit to be a Cricket Player?

do-you-need-to-be-fit-to-be-a-cricket-playerCricket is a game that tests the physical endurance, stamina, mental strength and skills of a player. The sport demands so much from the players. A test match is more demanding than a one-day cricket. The fitness requirement also vary depending on the role of the player. Cricket players are required to dive, chase and sprint in order to try and stop the ball. They should remain alert and have to be continuously on their toes.

Fitness requirements

1. The batsman is where the game rests. They possess the skills to hit the ball, scoring through the gaps found or using the ball’s kinetic energy to change its direction. This requires both mental and physical skills. The batsman do not have to be muscular like a football player but must possess muscle power to hit the ball and place it where he wants the ball to be. He should have a very strong core and abdominal mid-section to generate power from the actions of his upper body. Aside from lifting weights, batsmen do a lot of cardio like running and at least an hour on an exercise bike. When you read through exercise bike reviews by UK consumers, you’ll learn that most of them no longer need separate routines to target their core muscles because a stationary bike can provide that. Of course, doing some abs exercise as well won’t hurt.

2. The fielder must be mentally and physically strong. He must keep his concentration for the duration of the game, which can last for 7 hours in a one-day game. In a test match, the fielder need to have full concentration for 5 days. Cricket is a game that is played in various weather conditions, be it sunny, rainy or cold and when you’re not physically fit, you might not last the game. The fielder can dive after a ball, jump to catch it or run after it.

3. The bowler requires muscular strength to throw the ball. There are several manners of throwing the cricket ball, and in each one accuracy is needed.

A batsman usually covers about 6 to 8 kilometres during a test, whereas a fast bowler more or less cover half a marathon, meaning 13.1 miles or 21.1 kilometres. However, a batsman runs with higher intensity, with frequent changes of direction. He should be agile and must be able to repeatedly accelerate and decelerate. Cricket requires bursts of power followed by a short recovery period, wherein they must quickly lower their respiration and heart rates in order for their decision making processes to remain sharp.

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