The club was formed in 1917 with the team of cricket enthusiasts who wanted to make the official cricket club that would start competing on the state as well as on the world wide level. Below is the brief timeline of the club’s notable performances and activities.

  • 1917 – The forming of the Brentwood Cricket Club
  • 1918 – The first competition and the first game was played
  • 1920 – The club entered the national’s cricket competition and won the first title
  • 1926 – The first international game
  • 1931 – The first amateur match between “Married” and “Single” men
  • 1940 – The first training and implementing the coaching staff
  • 1969 – Wining the world Cricket League
  • 1972 – The first women’s match
  • 1979 – The club hosted National Cricket League Championship.

The above years designate the crucial years in the club’s history when things started to change. We have not included the full list with every title that was won, but rather the notable events that changed the pace of club. Please do refer to the club’s office for the full list of every title that was ever won.
The club has a goal of attracting the new cricket hopes that would become the best players one day. The policy allows to many people to attend a game or even try the game, as we had many situations when people had never played this game and after the single game, decided to devote their lives to this fantastic and traditional sport.