How Important is Fitness to be a Good Cricket Player?

How Important is Fitness to be a Good Cricket PlayerCricket – it’s a sport that is widely played and wildly supported by both men and women, and it is gaining more and more popularity by the day.

It’s hardly surprising that many youngsters are opting for cricket coaching over other sports. Lots of aspiring cricket players dream of making it big, and pursue their training with passion and dedication to the point of investing in exercise equipment for their home like a Gold’s Gym Home Gym. Fitness in cricket used to be rather underrated, but its importance cannot be stressed enough. Here are some reasons why you need to make it a priority if you are (or aim to be) a serious player.

1. Fitness = Stamina

Cricket matches test your stamina and physical endurance. With the shortening of match duration from test matches to one-days and then to Twenty-twenty’s, players have to focus on making the most out of the time they have and giving their all. Games are far more fast-paced and demanding. A good workout routine and diet do wonders to improving a cricketer’s performance.

2. You need to play multiple positions

Fitness is essential no matter which position you fill – whether you are playing as a batsman, a bowler or a fielder, the game will be physically and mentally taxing and a well-maintained physique is always a plus.

– For a batsman: Batsmen are the real crowd-pullers. People love to watch the ball soaring past the boundary, and in short matches hard-hitting is necessary. While the technique of the batsman plays a major role in his ability to pull off a 4 or 6, the significance of the player’s fitness must not be undermined. Sheer bulk and brute strength attained by rigorous fitness routines are often the secret of a batman’s success. The stamina built by working out helps batsmen tirelessly score runs.

– For a bowler: A bowler need to be in great shape to perform well without sustaining an injury. Muscular arms are needed to deliver a ball with force, speed and accuracy, and exercises for building arm strength are vital to bowlers.

– For a fielder: Every cricket player has to be a fielder at some point or the other during a match, and a fielder has his work cut out for him. He needs to run after the ball, throw it back across a distance with all his might, and often risks bodily harm by diving to make a catch. A flexible and athletic body, accustomed to stretching and running, makes for an excellent fielder.

3. You have to give your best under trying circumstances

Cricket players need to showcase their skills in every kind of weather, where it’s in the scorching heat or the pouring rain. A robust and healthy physique AND immune system are key characteristics of players who can endure and excel in such adverse conditions, both of which can only be earned by being fit and working to stay that way.

Whether you are an established cricket player or you play for a minor club, a good fitness regime is instrumental to excelling at the sport. The fitter you are, the better your game!

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