How To Scale Alastair Cook In Comparison With Tendulkar And Mark Butcher?

Sachin-Tendulkar-CricketerThe most supported English cricketer of the time Alastair Cook has entered into the record book with a ten thousand test runs to his credit. A middle class, handsome, resilient, polite and unassumingly tough, Cook is a hero to the English. His fan following shows that he is probably one of the most followed cricketers in the country of the modern era. According to statistics, he has scored 10,000 runs, and his average of 46 is considered to be better than any English opener. Though, the opener cannot be compared with his contemporaries like Tendulkar, Pointing, Lara and Dravid as his average is less in comparison. But that does not stop him from being one of the greatest as he always on the top of the batting lineup.

_40622879_butcher300300There are some who resent Cook because they feel he is privileged and is an offshoot of favoritism. Some feel that he was cold to Kevin Pietersen. These people feel that Cook is overrated and is projected to be one of the best players in the country, while they do not agree with the fact. The critics say his 10,000 run achievement is for staying on the pitch for longer than due to his skill. There were times when Cook was shown favoritism when he batted badly by retaining him on the team, feel the critics. The reviewers also feel that the player was given a lot of time to prove himself which other players were denied like Michael, Carberry, Bell, and Ian.

There may be some hardcore critics for framing him for Pietersen’s ouster, but it cannot be denied that Cook is still the best batsman on the team. The decision on Pietersen after the Ashes debacle was just to project a scapegoat and Cook was just party to it. Though, it is hard to change a decision even if he wanted to believe, a few of Cook’s supporters. The cricketer is the best in the Asian conditions. His game is typical to the subcontinent and his technical acumen against spin is commendable to say supporters.

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