Appeasing The Cricket Gods

sachinIs there anything as adding the Gods thing to the checklist? Well to begin with not much prominence was given to this aspect. As to the custom of the Ovals, to win the game, a team needs to win the toss and bat. If you didn’t do it, you land up in trouble. The two captains who faced the wrath of the cricketing Gods are Chef and Punter. At the Gabba, Nasser won the toss and asked Australia to bat. That day he was left helpless as Australia scored 364 for 2 on the day one. The Gods had their way, and Nasser was left high and dry. As a punishment, he won the toss at Adelaide, sent the team to bat and yet lost the match. So, has he angered the Gods?

Is it just the toss that the Gods are interested in? No, it is also about behavior. It happened to England again, as they lost the series after Eoin Morgan was tempted to call Kevin Pietersen and this was the moment the fate was rewritten. The wickets were lost in heaps and England ended up losing the series. This is not all Morgan scored nothing, and it was a disaster for the players.

The Gods were enraged once again, despite the best behavior. Al was a sprinter between wickets and with 3000 innings he was yet to be beaten between the wickets. But the judgment of Cook on the Oval pitch was far from reproach. After taking the role of the captain and piling up runs and centuries, pushing bowlers efforts to the stands mercilessly, one fine day he walked away from the ball, and this turned out to be a disaster. For the first time, he learned what it would is to be run out. The Gods picked him for his mistake, and he was brutally penalized, where he lost a run for eternity.