Is M S Dhoni The Best Finisher To Be On The Field?

dhoniThe former Indian Skipper has always on the most debated subject whether he is the best finisher in the history of cricket ODI. The matter has to be decided based on the merits. Before coming to a conclusion, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the cricketer when it comes to finishing the match. After analyzing his skills, the player has to be compared with those who have exhibited similar capabilities. While studying the acumen of this cricketer, he was judged to be the perfect option to be on the field when the game is in the tight spot.

MS DhoniFinishing a game is not just about playing into the crowd, it is about being a good runner between wickets. The wicketkeeper is not just the quick to pick up runs but also good at judging the possibility of a run. He is great with positions and cuts and can be a complete entertainer hitting the ball into the crowd. The player can put his rivals in a tight corner every time he is on the field forcing the captain to set a field exclusively for his potent. But the irony is, when Dhoni sets his foot on the field, the fielders are always in demand.

The player has exceptional talent and is a great manipulator. He is designed to be the best finisher for ODI matches. The Mr. Cool as he is always dubbed is capable of handling any pressure on and off the field. His capability to put the opposition under check has him and his team at the advantage. He is complimented by his colleagues and contemporaries for his level mindedness and his ability to stay calm even under tremendous pressure. The cricketer has exhibited immense character and strength during tight situations. He can be called the toughest and can handle any situation.
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