Real-Time Cricket Scoring Technology

CbJlIY_VAAALyjeThe first ever real-time cricket scoring mobile application and technology was launched by Quickscore. The co-founder of Quickscore, David Geensen says that they are very proud to launch Quickscore, which is the world’s first ever real-time application for cricket scoring. He also says that the smart scoreboard will help in revolutionizing the match experience.

This technology makes cricket scoring very easy. With the handheld app developed by CricHQ, coaches, players or fans can access any information necessary from their smartphone, PC or tablet. This app not only provides scores; it can also provide statistics, pitch maps, DL calculations, 3D wagon wheels graphs and much more.

The hardest thing about keeping scores these days is that the manual way of doing it by changing the scoreboards. This is time-consuming and clumsy and is often prone to error. Quickscore solves this by displaying the common scoreboard for both players and fans. It would also provide a high-quality platform for the advertiser’s benefit too.

Other benefits include high-quality imaging, wireless technology, and better internet connectivity by internal hotspot. It is also energy efficient. The Quickscore boards are 100% water proof and weather proof. They also impact resistant. Having high-quality scoreboards can raise the standard of the viewing experience.